Hot dogs

BLT Dog.jpg


All beef hot-dog topped with baby spinach, Tomato Chutney, Smoked Pork Belly & Basil Mayo


The "Classic"

Sometimes things are classic for a reason.  Just Ketchup & Mustard (relish if you must)

Guac Dog.jpg

The "Guac" Dog

Fresh made Guacamole on top of our all beef dog topped with crispy tortilla strips

The Hot Dog.jpg

The "HOT" Dog

Pickled Banana & Jalapeno Peppers, topped with fresh sliced Jalapeno peppers and a Chipotle Mayo.  


"Pimento" Dog

All beef dog topped with our homemade Pimento cheese topped with green onions



Just a plain ol' dog cause that is what some people want.  (no picture because it is NAKED!)